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Have you ever felt that there is more to life than what it appears to be? What is it that differentiates people who are more successful and fulfilled? What are the habits and secrets of the top performers of the world? What motivates and drives high achievers? How did they become so clear on their purpose?

If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone. You are probably at a stage where you want more out of life. You don’t want to settle for the life that most people are living. You want to feel vibrant, fully alive, joyful, charged, and confident on your march to success. You want to feel like you are contributing in meaningful ways to you, free from limitations and constraints, and in control of your life. You want to feel that you are the captain of your own ship.

But how do we get there? Is there a roadmap we can use to get clarity, unlock our full potential and live the lives we truly want?

Lara found herself asking these questions half a decade ago. Back then and for the first time in her life, she was struggling with motivation and meaning which eventually lead her to complete burn out.

Lara’s passion and her quest for a deep understanding of the meaning of life, the human drive, and how to unlock human potential (without burning out) propelled her to embark on years of research. She became an unceasingly keen student in the fields of psychology, physiology, neuroscience, motivation, high performance, wellbeing and spirituality.

Throughout her journey, Lara has identified a big gap between the educational system and the learning and development requirements for employees and entrepreneurs to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the job market.

In today’s world, we expect each individual employee to be innovative and to manage the job of at least 3 people in an ever-changing, volatile, and complex environment, and for that, we need to equip them with the strategies, tools, mindset, and habits to perform at their best consistently every single day without burning out.

We also live in a world where more and more ambitious people are wanting to discover and live their purpose and are embarking on entrepreneurship, without having prior knowledge or understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship and the proven methodologies to overcome them, bounce back from failure and gain continuous momentum.

For this purpose, Lara has embarked on the highest level of education and training in the areas of success and high performance with a wellbeing and positive approach. 

She got trained by Brendon Burchard - the leading High Performance Coach in the world and the CEO of the High Performance Institute in US - and stepped out of the corporate world to combine first-class methodology with extensive experience in the corporate and entrepreneurship world to make a difference in the workplace.

Today Lara is one of the few highly selected (around 500) certified High-Performance Coaches in the world and the only CHPC in Dubai. Which is the most comprehensive, measured and science-based coaching program with best in class training, that is proven to move people to become high performers, achieve their goals, and advance them in all areas of life (career, relationships, health, and emotional wellbeing).

Lara helps driven high achievers and change makers build the mindset and habits for next level success and performance. She works with entrepreneurs, top and mid-management level executives and teams to build higher levels of clarity, confidence, energy, productivity, influence, courage and resilience to overcome challenges and enable progress towards living their purpose and achieving their goals and visions. She does this through coaching, training, and mentoring.

No more guesswork or spending endless time and resources on research and ineffective training on how to become happier, more confident, fulfilled, and resilient in the face of today’s challenges. Lara has spent years doing the research to find the best tools, techniques, and programs out there for you. Today she provides ambitious seekers with tried, trusted and proven roadmaps that take them from where they are to where they want to be. To help them take charge of their lives, achieve their goals, contribute meaningfully to the world, and become the inspiring leaders and role models they are meant to be.


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