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3 months coaching program starting 20th of October


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Program Details

You can apply for the Group Coaching Program starting the 20th of October or opt-in for a 1-1 exclusively private coaching program

Group Coaching Program Details

A 1-1 virtual group coaching and mentoring program to help you overcome your challenges, build resilience and develop the mindset and habits that will lead to outstanding consistent success over the long term with a wellbeing and positive relationships approach. You will develop the 6 habits that are proven to lead to higher levels of performance, confidence, joy and fulfillment. The program will run for 12 consecutive weeks, and even if you miss a session you can have access to the recording. You’ll also get a 1-1 private session with Lara to tackle private and confidential matters.

Deadline for application is Thursday 15th of October 2020.

"The are many coaching concepts out there most of which come without a structured approach and would leave it up to the coach to direct and facilitate the sharing process. It happened that I came across Lara last year whereby she introduced high performance coaching and invited me to explore it. Immediately, and after the first session, I got a lot of clarity and it felt great. It felt like shining and defining what might have been vague, an objective envisioned and set. All of a sudden my energy was renewed and was ready to focus on what mattered. The sessions to follow assisted to increase my energy, create more synergies around me and most importantly helped me focus on where I wanted to head and gain some real momentum. The sessions rotated around the high performance pillars and not one was the same as others. This maintained an ongoing excitement to discover what would follow. Needless to mention, it is not the structure of the sessions that made a difference but also Lara's wit and ability is what made the experience a memorable one. Thanks Lara!"

Mohammad Jamil
Partner - Meirc Consultancy

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Lara as a coach, and I hope to share with you how absolutely incredible of an experience I had. She not only brings an intense energy to our meetings, but also makes the growing experience very fun! After every call that we had together, I not only had more clarity on what I was working on, I had tactical tools and plans to implement right away! The coaching process that Lara took me through was out of this world. Lara has a distinct gift and ability to push you to exactly where you need to go, and I just want to tell you, if you have the opportunity to work with Lara, I implore you to give yourself the gift of the incredible growth that you will have after each and every session."

Levi Johnson
Founder - LDJCoaching & Team Spartans

""I can highly recommend Lara Cattan as a high performance coach. She is passionate about her work, inspiring and empathic at the same time: She knows how to push you to the next level so you feel energized and motivated to put in the work and at the same time have fun with it! After working with her my high performance score increased by 20% which I could not have done without her help. I am more aligned with my purpose today and have been able to focus much better due to her coaching. Lara has the ability to capture the essence of what is going on and has shown great interest in my well-being. She has pushed me when I needed it and she encouraged me in times when I was uncertain. It was very valuable for me to work with her. I am so thankful for her support""

Silvia Huston
Marketing Expert and Coach

"Coaching was never on my radar. When the HR manager at my previous company invited me to meet Lara for a coaching exploration session I was not really taking it seriously, but when I sat with Lara, I realized that there is a next level for me that I haven't tapped to yet, and it was very clear that she can help me get there. As a result of working with Lara, not only I became more energetic, focused and inflential but also helped me to increased our sales figures by 25%. I became more proactive, more confident and more in control of my responses to different situations. It helped me to navigate the extreme pressures and challenges of my job, become a better leader and reminded me to live congruently with my values. More importantly it helped me to show up powerfully and more confidently for a job interview which allowed me to land my dream job! "

Ehab Sadek
Product Manager

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